ATV Self Storage

So you are a person who has a lot of expensive toys such as ATVs. However, for many of us, finding a place to store our cherished toys can be difficult. The fact is these types of items can take up a lot of garage space if we try to store them at home.  Additionally, if we try to store them outside, they can become damaged by the weather and other elements.  The good news is that for most folks, there is a easy solution to this problem – storing these items at your local self storage facility.

Before you rent a storage unit, make certain to examine the dimensions of a possible storage unit, including the width of the door. Some equipment, such as double trailers, may be too large for a drive-up or inside device, so covered parking would be the better option.  Be sure to take into account the amount of extra space that you may need for other items that you will be storing with your ATV such as: safety gear, trailers, racks, and helmets.   Keep in mind that ceiling and wall space are also good areas to store items!

  • Thoroughly clean your ATV prior to putting it in storage. This will help protect its paint, rubber, electrical wiring, and furniture.
  • Utilize a cover. Even though your ATV will be stored in a enclosed environment, a cover will shield it from dust.

  • Remove the battery. Consider purchasing a battery "trickle" charger that can keep your battery charge while it is not in use.

  • In some States, ATV's are required to have current license plates. If your tags expire while in storage, your storage facility could ask you to renew them.

  • Current Vehicle Registration -Storage centers generally need evidence of vehicle registration prior to you putting them into storage.

  • Proof of Insurance - A Self Storage Center may require you to show proof of insurance. Self Storage facilities do not insure your items will they are in storage.  However, some Renters or Homeowners insurance policies might cover your items – check with your agent for details.

  • Fill up Your Tires - Any vehicle with wheels (or the trailer on which it arrives or is being stored on) should be road-worthy. Watch for tire potential tire damage, tires can deflate or rot during storage. Before storing your ATV, fill the tires up to their highest level.

  • Most self storage facilities require maintenance and repairs of you ATV to be done elsewhere.

When ATVs are stored over long periods of time, check fuel lines and gaskets, and set cardboard or plastic sheets on the floor of the storage unit in case the vehicle leaks. If your gas tank is made out of plastic, remove most of the gas from the engine. If the tank is made out of metal, you are going to want to fill the tank up as much as possible (this will avoid rust from occurring) and add a fuel additive for long term storage.

Remember to always ask your self storage center manager for recommendations about other aspects you should consider when storing your ATV.

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